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A big country with lots of diversity

As we fly across Canada in a small air plane, what is really striking to all of us is the sheer size of the country and the vast amount of diversity. We've flown over amazing countryside, from dark blue to beige prairie potholes, multi-colour wetlands, red-looking fire burn scars and massive sand dunes. Here are a few examples:

A cloud burst in northern Manitoba. We had to dodge around a couple of these storm cells to get up north. A lightning strike a few kms away surprised us (it is amazing how bright lightening is when it is nearby), another lightening strike started a small forest fire (just to the right of this image).

Massive sand dunes on the southern side of Great Slave Lake.

Multi-coloured wetlands and forested permafrost plateaus in the Northwest Territories.

And multi-coloured house boats in Yellowknife!

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