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Installing the Titan into Navajo GKSX

This morning we started to install the Titan sensor head into the survey hole in the belly of the Navajo. On first and second attempt, the hole was slightly too small but after an hour of cutting and grinding, all is in place. If the install continues to go smoothly and the weather hold we will do a shake down and cal flight this afternoon.

Gently does it. Hoisting the sensor head into the fuselage at the Teledyne Optech hangers in Oshawa.

Looks like some trimming is in order to get the sensor mounted in the belly of the plane.

Hard part over. Sensor head installed. Still got to do the wiring and installation of the computer racks.

Mission objective for this afternoon: Multi-elevation system configuration testing over one of our Ontario agricultural / forest plot sites. This screen grab shows the Flight Management Suite Planner window used to set up airborne laser mapping surveys.

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