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To Alberta: Surveying the Peace Athabasca Delta, and Fieldwork in Fort McMurray

Today Chris and Thomas are surveying part of the Peace Athabasca Delta. The first survey was done in 1999, and we have added new lidar datasets in 2015 and this year. The area has changed dramatically over the last 17 years, this year being especially dry.

Josh measuring sphagnum location and elevation along transect following the May 2016 fire at Fort McMurray. We also took 20 peat biomass blocks, soil cores and thermal imagery along this ~90 m transect.

Laura is measuring tree heights within a plot to determine if we can characterise post-fire tree structure using LiDAR (for pre-fire biomass comparisons).

Photograph of some hot, burned trees long after the forest fire at Fort Mac (and some cooler, healthy trees in the foreground).

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